Rocky Knob Interview Series – part 2

Rocky Knob Interview Series
By: Nate Greener
Interviewee:  Jason Hightower

Bike 2

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a fifth year senior at Appalachian State as a Geography major. I grew up in Raleigh and I have always had a love for the outdoors. I am also an Eagle Scout. Besides mountain biking I also enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and anything in the outdoors.

How long have you been mountain biking?
I have been mountain biking since the beginning of high school so about nine years. I started in back yards and found local trails branching out from there.
What’s your favorite trail at Rocky Knob?
PBJ trail since it is the perfect mix of challenge with ability to get big air.

Why do you mountain bike?
The adrenaline rush paired with a great exercise. In the high country I have the ability to ride most of the year as well.

Describe your bike setup?
I have 2 bikes. One is a Transition Trail-or-Park hard tail (only front suspension), designed for riding jumps and skate parks. The other bike is a Giant Reign full suspension designed for riding mountainous trails.

What’s a favorite memory of riding?
Working with the Boy Scouts at Camp Durant where I was able to start and run the mountain bike program for three years. Working with kids for a week at a time and giving them great experiences, they will remember for a lifetime.

What type of riding do you prefer?
Mostly trick riding, BMX, and catching big air.

What keeps you coming back to rocky knob?
It is close and they are best trails around. It is also about the only legal area in the county to ride. It is well designed and everyone riding goes there.

When riding what’s your favorite word or adjective to use?
Gnarly, I find myself using it to describe a lot of things from a sick jump to a bad fall.

What advice would have for someone wanting to get into mountain biking?
Just get out there and give it a shot start with a cheaper bike. Start on the beginner trails it is just about getting to the stretch zone and pushing your limits.

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