The Rocky Knob Pump Track: What you need to know


Ross Landino Photo

What you need to know:

  • The pump track is open when it is not raining.
  • Riding the pump track during or after rains, or whenever it is wet, will damage the track. Please ride elsewhere. The RKP trails are usually good to ride after a rain. If the sign says CLOSED, stay off.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Take your turn and give other riders space to ride. The track is really a track within a track. Many, many options of lines exist. Use caution when many riders are at the track. Encourage riders to ride in the same direction.
  • Watch out for the youngsters. Children will be riding too.
  • Inform a BAC member or the trail boss of any issues with the track. Please do not alter the track in any way.
  • Watch from the start area.
  • Educational signage will be installed in the near future.
  • Never ridden a pump track? We will hold a few clinics this fall. Stay tuned.

Ross Landino Photo

This pump track has become a reality funded the generosity of local businesses and individuals. With their support we have created a unique dirt experience that will add new dimensions to your riding.

A big thanks goes out to Terra Tek Trails and Elevated Trail Design and the small army of talented volunteers for the construction.

If you are still interested in supporting the track, we are still in need of funds for signage and maintenance. You can donate online here.

Be sure to thank the following supporters:

Double Black Diamond Level

 Ray’s Weather Center

Cole’s Lawn Care

Bald Guy Brew

Coyote Kitchen

Destination By Design

Boone Area Cyclists

Single Black Diamond:

Barry D. Greenblatt

Flat Shovels:

Eliza Bennett

Amelia Bennett

Joshua J. McMann

Paul A. Stahlschmidt

Chad Eppley

Ricardo Ceppi

Steve White

Jay Womack

Kathleen Collins