Rocky Knob is an 185 acre park in Boone, NC.  The park was created in 2009 when two $5,000 grants were secured from the Bikes Belong Foundation and Specialized Bicycles. These grants were made possible through the WCTDA’s partnership with Boone Area Cyclists, a local nonprofit organization working to promote and develop cycling opportunities throughout the Boone area. Watauga County, in partnership with the Watauga County Tourism Development Authority (WCTDA), received a $500,000 grant from the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) to assist with the acquisition and development for Rocky Knob Park. Three professional trail building companies worked with BAC volunteers to create about 8 miles of mountain bike trails for all skill levels (and accessible to hikers and trail runners), 4 skills areas, and a pump track. The park also includes a picnic shelter, bathrooms, and an adventure playground and is located just east of the city limit on US 421.

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  1. please,please,please,tell me that the a-line style and even more the dh trails will be going in..it scares me to get my hopes up,so often in the southeast these parks turn into xc tracks with very little tec features..i would love to see trails built like they do in washington and oregon ..also curt gowdy state park in wyoming is a great example..i wish i did not live so many hours away,i would be up there giving all the time i could…

    • Hey James — we are going to build a park that will have flow/tech features and dedicated DH trails. It’s a done deal. The interest is there as is the support and expertise. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we are working towards a great park. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  2. WOW! i guess its just that hard for me, being in it for the recreation & workout part of mnt biking, along with being from miami, fl (flatland, manmade ups&downs). WHAT A KILLER! but i do go back for more, a lap on bike, one on foot. twice so far and a day left.
    i will be back! cabin just 30min away
    WOW! (again)

  3. How do these trails compare to the Dark Mountain and Warrior Creek trails out in Wilkesboro?
    Headed to visit my Aunt there in 2 weeks and thought i’d come check out your stuff! Full 8miles open now? Sounds fabulous. Thanks so much for doing this. Boone is a really special place.

    • Good question. All three trails are purpose-built mountain bike trails but that’s about where the similarities end. Rocky Knob is very rocky making for an overall more difficult trail system than all the trails in Wilkes and more like trails in Pisgah. We are anticipating open the next 2.5 miles within a couple of weeks and the skills trails open soon. These skills trails are unlike anything that currently exists in NC and definitely worth the drive. Check in closer to your visit and I’ll give you a full update. Email me directly at jackson.kristian@gmail.com.

  4. i just moved to Johnson city this month from the denver area i’m excited to hit you guys up some time in the near future. i was also wondering if anyone knows if there is a race series anywhere near by for DH and 4 cross?

  5. I am planning my first trip to Boone, NC for my wife and I. I am an avid trail builder with the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association and I love trail building. The week of June 23, 2013 is my target vacation time. I want to learn about trail opportunities in Boone, so that I might hike, ride and help build trail while I am in Boone, NC.

  6. The Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization (COMBO) travels to a destination trail every Spring and Fall. This year we chose the Boone area as our base camp and stayed at the Summit at Lost Ridge. Fifteen of us with a variety of skill levels rode Rocky Knob on the last day. The trail was very well designed and all the features were very “doable” by the riders or able to be ridden around. Our only wish was that we spent more time there earlier in our trip. The consensus from the group is we will be back to the area for future trips.

  7. I know we have had a lot of rain in the past weeks and was wondering if the trails stay muddy for a while or if they dry quickly? I would really like to come riding with friends soon!

  8. We will be planning a trip next month with our 7 year old who is just beginning to ride. Are the trails marked and are they good for children and beginners?

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