Super D Race Updates

Race Updates for the Rocky Knob Super D:

Course. The race course will include segments of Middle Earth and Rocky Branch Trails, approximately 1.2 mi., and 300 ft of elevation change. A map can be found HERE, and the race segment is also highlighted on the RKP interactive map. The start line will be near the powerlines at the “saddle” at the top of Middle Earth Trail, and the finish will be near the parking lot at the top of the entrance trail.

Practice Runs. The course is open to practice now, but won’t be taped until Saturday morning. Please use caution and be respectful of other trail users on the whole segment, but especially at the sharp left turn at the intersection of Rocky Branch, and also near the bottom.

Trail Closures. All trails will be CLOSED when the race is in progress, with the exception of Boat Rock and Ol Hoss Trails, which will be open (from the saddle only) all day. NO ONE will be allowed on the course when the race is in progress unless they are on the clock.

Getting to the Start. There are a few options: 1. get to the start-line by following the Rocky Branch and Middle Earth trails in the signed direction. This will not be an option when the race is in progress. 2. The course will be closed for 20 minutes prior to the start for participants to ride or walk it backwards from the bottom. 3. Hike. We encourage you to hike up the back side of the park, entering behind the pavilion and riding or pushing your bike up the powerline clearing. This route can be taken while the race is in-progress.

Registration and Check-In. Registration opens at 9am at the Rocky Knob parking lot, and will conclude at 10:30. Please allow plenty of time to get to Rocky Knob on the early side.

Racer Meeting. We will meet at the parking lot at 10:45 am. Be there!

Food. As a race participant, your entry will get you pizza from the Farm to Flame Food Truck. The truck will be at Rocky Knob until 1:30. You’ll be given a ticket at registration to get you your free slices. You’ll be able to pick up your slices after you finish your first run, or we we’ll have it boxed up for you if you prefer to get it later.

Weather. Rain is likely Saturday. We are hopeful for a two-run format, but if the trail conditions are deteriorating, then we will only do one run. This will be announced after the first run, so make it count! In the event of a massive rain event, any decision on a cancellation or postponement will be made by the race staff by 8am Saturday morning, and updated on the Rocky Knob Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to check those sites before you leave if it is questionable.

That’s all we have for now, see you Saturday!

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