Phase II: Digging it

Deno works with volunteers to hand finish a section of the Phase II trail.

Digging on Phase II began this week. Deno crawled his mini-ex to the top of the Upper Knob to begin work on the 5 mile loop. If you have not been on the Upper Knob, come on out this Thursday for some corridor clearing up top and to check out the amazing top of the mountain.

Phase II Begins: The Upper Knob Layout

Benchmark Trails had a busy week. Benchmark owner Deno Contos and his partner/landscape architect Jeff Schoenbauer attacked the Upper Knob at Rocky Knob Bike Park with a few rolls of flagging tape and proceeded to lay out about 5 miles of new trail for Phase II in three days. Deno will be back in a couple of weeks with his mini-ex to begin digging trail.

Our new team on the mountain exudes enthusiasm and confidence. You will like working with Deno. He will build off the excellent work of Trail Dynamics (who will also be working soon to complete Phase I). The roles of volunteers will remain the same; corridor clearing and hand finishing trail just as we did for Phase I.

If you’ve hiked the Upper Knob, you know you should be excited. The terrain above Phase I has much variety and will produce a more rugged, and remote experience.

The Upper Knob Trail will climb the east side of the mountain, passing through several draws that feed the springs lower on the slopes, round a few boulderfields, and  thread through some of the thickest Rhodo on the peak. En route, riders will catch a good view of the largest rock feature on the mountain. From the summit, riders will enjoy a 2 mile downhill on the western flank and return to the lower loop and perhaps another lap.

Come on out this Thursday. We’re building a mountain bike park in our hometown. We’ve got a lot of work to do.