Opening Day

On Sunday, May 1st at 2pm, Watauga County, Watauga County Tourism Development Authority (WCTDA), and Boone Area Cyclists (BAC) will host the official opening of Rocky Knob Park’s first 1.6 mile mountain biking trail. While a grand opening is being planned for later in the year with the completion of additional trails, this event is the culmination of 18 months of intensive, collaborative work among local government officials and engaged citizens. The county has secured $515,000 in grant funding for the 185-acre facility and Boone Area Cyclists have logged more than 1,500 volunteer hours. Currently, 6.5 miles of additional trails are under construction. With the opening of this first trail, the WCTDA expects to gauge user needs for future facility management.

Vicinity map

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Dirty Thursday 4/21

Dirty Thursday 4/21

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We welcome Shrimper from Trail Dynamics to the mountain. This week, Woody and Shrimper began working the the dirt and rocks on the lower knob. Next week, Woody, Shrimper and three other TD staff, will be running all manner of machine on the lower knob extension trail.

Meanwhile, Deno (Benchmark Trails) has cruised a ton of terrain on the upper knob including roughing in several berms, drops, and optional lines.

Also, we had another great Dirty Thursday, our 6th of the year this week. Two teams cleared corridor on both the upper and lower knob and while a new team began some fun work: hand finishing the berms on the 2 mile downhill from the upper knob.

Stay tuned for news about next week’s Dirty Thursday 2.7 when both trail teams (Trail Dynamics and Benchmark Trails) will be leading crews on special projects.

Phase II: Digging it

Deno works with volunteers to hand finish a section of the Phase II trail.

Digging on Phase II began this week. Deno crawled his mini-ex to the top of the Upper Knob to begin work on the 5 mile loop. If you have not been on the Upper Knob, come on out this Thursday for some corridor clearing up top and to check out the amazing top of the mountain.

Spring Work Day

10:00 – 2:00 today. Coffee and Food provided. Raffle to benefit Boone Area Cyclists and ASU’s Recreation Management Association’s Scholarship. Wear long pants/shirts, sturdy shoes, and work gloves.

Update: 60+ Volunteers today. Several tons of gravel moved. Many beautiful water crossings complete. Treadwork finished. Food eaten. Prizes won. And we beat the rain. Thanks to everyone who came out, the BAC and ASU Recreation Management students, and the crew leaders. Keep the bike stoke going: Come on out tomorrow for the 2nd Annual Bike Rally at the Greenway!

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Special thanks to our supporters: Stick Boy, Boone Bike, Magic Cycles, Chick Fil A, Jimmy Johns, Ingles, Clark Tire, Back Yard Burger, and Black Cat.

Spring Fever

We are close. Very close. The Rocky Branch Trail will be open soon at Rocky Knob. How soon? Let’s just say your bike should be at-the-ready. Tonight over 30 volunteers moved rocks and cut corridor in preparation for Saturday’s Community Work Day. Come on out this Saturday, April 9, 10-2 for some final touches. And some food and prizes after. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1 each to win prizes from Boone Bike, Magic, Mast, and many more. If that doesn’t cool your bike fever, head on over to the 2nd Annual Bike Rally at the Greenway on Sunday. Meet at the Swim Complex at 2:00.