Trail Work Resumes!

Trail Work Resumes!

Join us Thursday for another season of trail work at Rocky Knob. We are approaching completion of the Rocky Branch Trail but need to take care of several items first:

  • Spread crusher run gravel in many area of the trail
  • Rock armor creek crossings
  • Complete bridges
  • install conduit/gravel in problem areas
  • clean areas of tread damaged by machine
  • Re-align berm
  • Details will be available on Thursday

All told, this will take many, many hands. Let’s start Thursday and put a dent in this punch list. Our work will pay off soon with some great trail.

Rocky Knob Fire and Preparations for the Spring

Rocky Knob Fire and Preparations for the Spring

Rocky Knob got a flaming heart for Valentine’s Day. Fueled by high winds, 60-100 acres of the south slope burned well into the night. By Tuesday morning, most of the fire was out. Crews still worked to back burn near residential areas. Fortunately, all houses escaped the flames. In some areas the fire was within a few feet of back decks. Snow still lingered on the northern slopes and the fire only damaged a small slice of the upper knob on the park side. Only minor damage was apparent when I walked the property on Tuesday.

After a long winter, the mountain is beginning to see some action again. Phase 1 will be completed at some point this spring. Volunteer trail days will resume on Thursday, March 3. Phase 2 of the park, which has been awarded to Benchmark Trails ( will begin in March with an estimated completion by late summer. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold.

We are also looking for interns for the spring and summer. If you are a student at ASU and need to complete an internship or practicum (especially in recreation management or geography) contact me soon (