Dirty Thursdays

Join us each Thursday at 5:00 PM for a couple hours of trail work. We meet at the Boone Area Cyclists tool trailer. If coming after 5:00 PM, sign in at the trailer and look for instructions on where to go on the trailer. Please wear long pants, sturdy shoes (no sandals), and bring gloves. We will provide all tools.

If you are interested in a work day for a group, please direct inquiries to jackson.kristian@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “Dirty Thursdays

    • Yes, it’s a project between the Boone Area Cyclists, Watauga County Parks and Recreation and the Watauga Co. TDA. Also local folks and businesses have been instrumental with volunteering/donations.

  1. Hi – is this still a regular meeting? My husband and I would like to be added to the email list – we love Rocky Knob, and would be happy to volunteer!

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