Photo Journal 2015

Photo Journal 2015

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Sillouttes::Derek Deluzio Photo

Derek Deluzio Photo




Airborne over the Roman Road//TJ Kearns Photo


Pump Track

Rocky Knob Park

Blue Ridge Pump Track Challenge//TJ Kearns Photo



Trail Improvements



Blue Ridge Pump Track Battle and “Grand” Opening

Blue Ridge Pump Track Battle and “Grand” Opening

Rocky Knob Park

Pump Track Grand Opening

Press Release

The Pump Track at Rocky Knob Park has recently received some upgrades designed to help riders pump the rollers, carve the berms and improve their overall bike handling skill and, in order to celebrate the completion of the track, a Grand Opening Ceremony will be help on August 29th at 9:30 AM, before the start of the Blue Ridge Battle Pump Track Challenge. Be sure to show up early to get some coffee from Bald Guy Brew and some cinnamon rolls from Stick Boy. The Blue Ridge Battle Pump Track Challenge, a pump track competition series, will begin at 10:00 AM. Riders can register on site.

A Pump Track is a special bicycle area with rollers, berms and other features where riders can learn and improve their bike handling skills.

The Pump Track at Rocky Knob is one of the first of its kind in the country to incorporate educational signs around the course to teach the skills necessary to be successful on the track. Sign topics include skills that range from novice to advanced, including: proper body position, pumping, bunny hopping, manualling, wheel lifts, and more. The educational signs were designed by the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s Kids in Parks Program, and the Pump Track was designated as one of their “TRACK Trails”.

Jason Urroz, Director of Kids in Parks, said of the partnership, “We’re excited to partner with the Boone Area Cyclists and Watauga County on this project. Rocky Knob is an amazing facility for mountain bikers. I’m glad Kids in Parks was able to help design educational signs that encourage kids and families to get out and be more active in our parks and on trails of all kinds.”

The Pump Track was made possible through a partnership with the Boone Area Cyclists and the Watauga Country Parks and Recreation Department. The track was built through collaboration between Terra Tek Trails and Elevated Trail Design, and was funded by the following organizations and private donors: Ray’s Weather Center, Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Cole’s Lawn Care, Coyote Kitchen, Destination By Design, Bald Guy Brew, the Tessien Family and numerous other individuals.

Kristian Jackson, a representative and volunteer for the Boone Area Cyclists, said, “We’re excited to have partnered with the Kids in Parks program on this project. Rocky Knob Park has developed a reputation with mountain bikers across the Blue Ridge as an excellent riding destination. The pump track, with these new educational signs, will provide riders of all skill levels an opportunity to increase their enjoyment of mountain biking.

Rocky Knob Park was created in 2009 when the Watauga County Tourism Development Authority (WTDA) identified outdoor recreation as an important component of the county’s culture and economy. Two $5,000 grants were secured from the Bikes Belong Foundation and Specialized Bicycles. These grants were made possible through the WTDA’s partnership with Boone Area Cyclists (BAC), a local nonprofit organization working to promote and develop cycling opportunities throughout the Boone area. Watauga County, in partnership with the WTDA received a $500,000 grant from the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) to assist with the acquisition and development for Rocky Knob Park. Volunteers from the Boone Area Cyclists contributed over 3500 hours to date working with professional trail builders to create and maintain over 8 miles of multi-use trails and four skills areas.

An Appalachian State University economic impact study conducted by the College of Business and the Recreation Management Program in 2013 found the park contributed an estimated $2.8 million to the local economy that year alone.

In 2014, Rocky Knob Park was designated a National Recreation Trail system by the Department of Interior in recognition of the outstanding opportunities for recreation.

For more information contact Kristian Jackson at

January Update

Rocky Knob Park has been closed this winter. A gate was installed at the park’s entrance. Watauga County will reopen the park once the weather allows. We will post any updates here. If you have any questions, contact Watauga County Parks and Recreation at (828) 264-9511.DCIM109GOPRO

Super D Wrap Up

Super D 1

Photos by Timothy James, Ross Landino, and Wes Overvold

On April 25 Rocky Knob hosted the kick off race to the Southern Super D series. Eighty-one racers from 9 states competed on the mile and a half course. Not quite a downhill, but also not exactly a cross-country race, the Super D featured a pointIMG_8879-to-point timed run with the fastest time winning in 9 categories. Racers tested their mettle over rocky terrain, through berms, and jumps.

We would like to thank all who helped make this event a success:


The Boone Area Cyclists who sponsored the race and provided invaluable volunteers as course marshals.

IMG_9233Appalachian State University’s Recreation Management Program Planning students who organized and planned the event (including hand crafting the awards!) as a class project this semester.10155830_733937751405_3996712618672549002_n






ASU Recreation Management students who volunteered as course marshals, parking attendants, and BBQ masters.

10258009_733937491925_7824808970999677831_nUSA Cycling provided registration and event support. Jim Smalley, USAC Official, provided the professional timing.

Matt Adams promoted the race through his Southern Super D Series.



Boone Meat Center donated the pork. Kansas City Certified BBQ Judge and ASU Recreation Management faculty Roachel Laney smoked the BBQ.

Watauga County EMS provided medical support.

Ingles donated much of the food.

Mountain Khakis donated the awards for the fastest 3 times.


IMG_9267 IMG_9282 IMG_9304 IMG_9326 IMG_9338 IMG_9367 IMG_9376 IMG_9246 The next race is May 17 at Kolo Bike Park in Asheville.



Awards photos by Wes Overvold




Super D Update


 1290x500+-+6000+in+prizes+versionThe Southern Super D Series launches next Saturday at Rocky Knob Park. This is a USAC race and should prove to be an exciting and demanding course. A Super D race is point to point race in which the starting point is higher than the finish. The course is not entirely down hill though. Flat section, slight uphills, as well as gravity fed sections will be encountered. The course will use a portion of the segment below outlined in yellow:Super D course
Riders will pedal un-timed to the start and then be allowed two runs to put down their fastest time.
Pre-registration is here.
Registration is also available the day of the race from 9:00 AM until 10:30. Please pre-register!
Full schedule (this will updated by noon on Friday, April 25):
9:00 AM — Registration opens; course open for practice
10:30 AM — Registration closes
11:00 AM — Course closes; Rider meeting at the Saddle/Finish line (the top of the Middle Earth Trail under the powerlines)
12:00 PM — Race starts (run #1)
1:30 PM (approximate) — Course closes (end of Run #1)
2:15 PM (approximate) — Run 2 starts
3:00 PM — Food available
4:30 PM — Awards
All registered racers can join Boone Area Cyclists for a FREE meal at Appalachian Mountain Brewery at 6:00 PM FRIDAY, APRIL 25!
Proceeds from the race will benefit Rocky Knob Park (BAC) and the Appalachian State University Recreation Management Association Scholarship.
BBQ is being donated by Boone Meat Center and prepared by BBQ master Roachel Laney!
Several local businesses are sponsoring the event: Stick Boy, Bandanas, Lowes Foods, Ingles, Harris Teeter, Mast General Store, Mountain Khakis, and Appalachian Mountain Brewery.
Special thanks to ASU’s recreation management students who are helping to plan this event and volunteering and
Special thanks to the BAC for hosting this race and providing volunteers.
Stay tuned for race updates.

Trip Report: RKP and the Summer of Rain

Guest blogger: Micheal Hakala

Photos by TJ Kearns

After driving 6+ hours from Atlanta to Boone in what could be described as the start of the second biblical floods we finally arrived to our hotel at Beech Mountain. With that amount of rain I was thinking that there was no way we were going to get any solid riding in the High country that weekend and others in the group were kind of questioning it as well. Maybe it will clear up in the morning. Not so much.


Hak on the start of the PBJ trail

We got on the trails after a stupid amount of rain and the sky kind of cleared up with Scott, Josh, TJ, Kristian, and his mini shredders in the making. First reaction was ‘holy crap these trails are perfect’. All that hand laid rock armor drained like a champ. After a few photos we started making our way up the mountain. As we climbed up towards PB & J all I could think about was how sick it was that these trails were nothing short of the hard work of some awesome trail builders and riders who wanted a place to call their own.  You could tell the amount of love, planning, effort that was thrown into these trails when Kristian described the process and the amount of time and energy that went into them. I was getting fired up.  


KJ on the first table top. PBJ Trail.


The stone in Stone Binge.

So after playing around and trying out the various features TJ let us know that he got the shots that he wanted and was ready to start climbing up to the top of the mountain. Granted climbing is NEVER something that I enjoy but this was different, we were in the High Country and if Kristian said it was worth it I would take him at his word. As we climbed yes my three broken ribs were hurting and I was engaged in that mental battle of ‘damnit why am I doing this, I can’t take a deep breath, etc. I mean if you’ve ridden and you are not just a complete animal you know what kind of games your head can play. Even with this whining I was doing in my head and probably audibly, this strange sense of peace and excitement came over me as I took a second to look where I was. I was riding through a cloud/mist/fog up a mountain in Boone, NC with my buddies on a trail that were built to perfection. Why the hell was I being a baby. Damn. Then we got to the top and that is when I feel like we truly got to experience these trail builder’s (more like trail artists) vision and ability to produce. Holy rocky, fast, flowly, alt-line, brappage-of-the-berm batman! Following TJ, Josh, and Scott down the hill was freaking awesome. Flying down the hill, doubling rock piles on the side of the main trail, lines up and around trees all while in this misty/cloudy/ High Country weather…holy hell…it just gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. The different line options, the perfectly sculpted berms you don’t even need breaks for, I mean common I have said it a million times Rocky Knob is freaking awesome. This is seriously a mountain biker’s play ground in the High Country. This place has it all. I you like to ride and want to experience what a properly constructed and maintained trail system looks like you HAVE to see and ride this place. I know that I am planning a trip sometime this fall because I need to experience the newly built pump-track. I can’t freaking wait.


Jude Jackson (5) flowing through the start of the PBJ.

Rocky Knob Fall Fest Review

Rocky Knob Fall Festival

Words by Bill Splawn and John Brundick

Photos by Sara Beeken

131011_SLB0002 On October 11 and 12, Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park hosted its annual fall festival.  The festival consisted of a pump track jam on Friday night, where riders were challenged physically and mentally by the series of competitions hosted.  About 130 riders and spectators attended the event. The riders competed in, the longest manual, best trick, best style and Jr. shredders.  All competitions were very laid back and for fun.  Red Bull appeared at the event,and brought a long their signature DJ booth and played smooth jams all night.

131011_SLB0031 131011_SLB0030 131011_SLB0029

131011_SLB0026 131011_SLB0025 131011_SLB0023 131011_SLB0022 131011_SLB0021 131011_SLB0020 131011_SLB0019 131011_SLB0017

Saturday morning was a whole different setting with Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day. Twenty-Four youngsters showed up with their bikes in hand, ready to learn necessary skills to ride the pump track and trails at Rocky Knob.  The Boone Area Cyclists held a skills clinic to educate the kids on pump track safety and showed them how to have fun while riding.  By the end of the day, there was a noticeable improvement in the kid’s riding abilities.

In addition to the Kid’s event, Magic Cycles provided an impressive demo fleet of Santa Cruz Bicycles for all visitors to take to the trails with some of the nicest bikes on the market. Group rides were provided with instruction from the Appalachian State Cycling Team, many of whom showed us their impressive skills at the Pump-Track Jam the night before.

               To close the full weekend of festivities, the ASU Recreation Management Program Planning group coordinated a full luncheon and raffle to raise money for the improvement of Rocky Knob Park. The BBQ lunch came loaded with Bandana’s coleslaw, Stick Boy Cookies, Jimmy John’s sandwiches, Black Cat burritos, and a variety of items courtesy of local grocery stores including Earth Fare, Ingles, Harris Teeter and Lowe’s Foods. The lunch raised $250 for the pump track and ASU Recreation Management Program’s Scholarship.

We would like to give a thanks to all of the sponsors who helped contribute to the event: Bald Guy Brew, Tsuga, Mountain Khakis, Bell, Giro, Yakima, Spy Optics, Black Cat, Ingles, Lowes Food, Harris Teeter, Earth Fare, Jimmy Johns, Stick Boy, Specialized Bikes, Roachel Laney (BBQ), ASU Recreation Management, Boone Area Cyclists, Magic Cycles, International Mountain Biking Association, Red Bull, Bandanna’s BBQ, Beech Mountain Resort.  Rocky Knob would also like to give a special thanks to Appalachian Mountain Brewery who raised $350 for the pump track.

Rocky Knob Fall Fest Update

The weather is looking amazing for Fall Fest at Rocky Knob.

The Fest starts Friday evening at 5:00 with a Pump Track Celebration. We’ll have light food, coffee from Bald Guy, music, and informal fun events. Afterwards, head over to Appalachian Mountain Brewery for Port-O-Pie Pizza. They will donate a portion of sales to the Pump Track (5:30 to 10:00).

On Saturday we’ll kick of the morning at 9:00 with Take A Kid Mountain Bike Day and Stick Boy treats and Bald Guy Coffee. Bring the kids with their bikes for some fun riding. Santa Cruz Bikes will be on hand with their demo tour as well. Check out their new 27.5 trail bikes. We’ll have BBQ at lunch ($7 for plate a raffle ticket) Raffle prizes include a Double Down rack from Yakima, Bell’s (fantastic) Super helmet, goods from Tsuga, special Bald Guy Rocky Knob Roast, Mountain Khakis, stuff from Vans, and Spy. Extend the goodness of the day with Appalachian Mountain Brewery. On Saturday night they’ll will have Burnin Wood BBQ here with bbq ribs, and kabobs. Food will benefit the pumptrack (5:00-10:00pm).

The Rocky Knob Pump Track: What you need to know


Ross Landino Photo

What you need to know:

  • The pump track is open when it is not raining.
  • Riding the pump track during or after rains, or whenever it is wet, will damage the track. Please ride elsewhere. The RKP trails are usually good to ride after a rain. If the sign says CLOSED, stay off.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Take your turn and give other riders space to ride. The track is really a track within a track. Many, many options of lines exist. Use caution when many riders are at the track. Encourage riders to ride in the same direction.
  • Watch out for the youngsters. Children will be riding too.
  • Inform a BAC member or the trail boss of any issues with the track. Please do not alter the track in any way.
  • Watch from the start area.
  • Educational signage will be installed in the near future.
  • Never ridden a pump track? We will hold a few clinics this fall. Stay tuned.

Ross Landino Photo

This pump track has become a reality funded the generosity of local businesses and individuals. With their support we have created a unique dirt experience that will add new dimensions to your riding.

A big thanks goes out to Terra Tek Trails and Elevated Trail Design and the small army of talented volunteers for the construction.

If you are still interested in supporting the track, we are still in need of funds for signage and maintenance. You can donate online here.

Be sure to thank the following supporters:

Double Black Diamond Level

 Ray’s Weather Center

Cole’s Lawn Care

Bald Guy Brew

Coyote Kitchen

Destination By Design

Boone Area Cyclists

Single Black Diamond:

Barry D. Greenblatt

Flat Shovels:

Eliza Bennett

Amelia Bennett

Joshua J. McMann

Paul A. Stahlschmidt

Chad Eppley

Ricardo Ceppi

Steve White

Jay Womack

Kathleen Collins

Rocky Knob Pump Track Fundraiser

Update: Make Your Mark On Rocky Knob Park

We are getting closer to our goal but still need your help to make the Rocky Knob Pump Track a reality. We are aiming to have donations in by July 15th. so we can begin construction. Thanks for your support.

Donations to date: $3525.

Since the inception Rocky Knob Park in 2009, the driving vision has been to provide a place for visitors to and residents of Watauga County to have easy and free access to outdoor recreation. We have been fortunate to create an urban mountain bike park with adventurous and accessible trails.

goldbaum pump trackThe idea of the trails was to get more people enjoying the outdoors on bikes, while providing a skills-building environment. As a result, we have built over 8 miles of trails with 4 skills areas. We have yet to provide a skills area that people of wide-ranging ages and ability levels can access directly from the parking lot.

Now it’s time to build a legendary Pump Track, and we need your help.

Pump Tracks: Bike skills for all ages

jude pump trackPump Tracks are small zones of dirt that nearly any rider (including kids) can ride. These tracks are small, connected loops with undulating lines that allow riders to power their bikes through without pedaling. Because of their compact shape, they are often places where people watch and learn from each other.

Where the tires meet the dirt

ryan pump trackWe are fundraising to build a pump track/skills area that Rocky Knob deserves. We have saved an area adjacent to the parking lot for this area. Named the Sunset Skills Area, the pump track’s location in the parking lot provides walk-up access and one of the best sunset views in Watauga County.

Your donation will create a legacy for all riders, especially young riders, to grow in their skill, increase their fitness, and develop more connections in their community.

Make Your Mark on Rocky Knob Park

Help create a legacy by clicking here. Your Gift will be a tax-deductable donation to the Boone Area Cyclists who will oversee the construction of the pump track.

We are $3525 into our $6000 goal to be raised by June 30. (Any money raised beyond $6000 will go directly to improving Rocky Knob Trails.)

Sponsor Levels (to be named on the pump track sign):

Double Black Diamond Corporate Sponsor: $500 and up (This level of giving places your company’s logo prominently on the sign.)

Single Black Diamond: $100-$499 (This level of giving places your personal name on the sign.)

Flat Shovel Level: $25-$99 (This level of giving places your personal name on the sign.) In the spirit of pump-tracks, every little bit matters: Individuals shaping dirt with Flat Shovels are the foundation of every pump tracks. Every gift will help us complete this project.

Current pledges to date at the Double Black Diamond Level:

 Ray’s Weather Center

Cole’s Lawn Care

Bald Guy Brew

Coyote Kitchen

Destination By Design

Boone Area Cyclists

Single Black Diamond:

Barry D. Greenblatt

Flat Shovels:

Eliza Bennett

Amelia Bennett

Joshua J. McMann

Paul A. Stahlschmidt

Chad Eppley

Ricardo Ceppi

Steve White