Winter Update 1/30/13

Melting snow, rain, freezing temps, wind, and more snow are keeping the trails closed. Please do the park and your bike a favor and stay off the trails until the weather turns more stable. Riding them now will cause much more work for volunteers. That work would be much better spent building new features. We will post updates here.
Thanks for your cooperation.

13 thoughts on “Winter Update 1/30/13

  1. Hello, I am from Canada, plan on heading down next week to check out what North Carolina has to offer for those of us escaping serious amounts of snow. How is the riding down there this time of year?


    • Believe it or not, our trails are somewhat snow covered now. More snow is in the forecast for this weekend. That being said, The Kerr Scott trails (30 miles away) and trails in the national forest will likely be snow-free.

  2. Any word on opening day yet? I’m coming out to Boone for the Easter weekend and don’t know if I should bother with bringing my bike.

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