Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day

Rocky Knob Park will host the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s (IMBA) Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day (TAKMD) this Saturday, Oct 6 from 2-5. We will have rides and activities for children who are independent riders on two wheels.

TKMBD is an annual celebration held on the first Saturday of October.  The event, developed and coordinated by IMBA, strives to encourage communities around the world to join together and ride mountain bikes with youth. Last year, we had more than 13,000 participants at hundreds of events across the globe, including: Italy, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, and Mexico. Informal or formal, one child or one hundred children, TKMBD celebrates the joy of riding in the dirt.

Besides being good, healthy fun, the goal is to develop a connection between kids and the natural world around them. Today’s children are tomorrow’s land managers and politicians — future decision-makers for important matters like recreation and access to public lands. How different might our current access landscape look today if previous generations of policy makers had grown up riding bikes on natural-surface trails?

Bring your bikes and helmets (we’ll have a few loaner helmets if you need one) and sample the trails or the pump track at Rocky Knob this Saturday.

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