Rocky Knob is on the Map

The TORC Crew.

With the annual Blood, Sweat, and Gears, and and Cyclo.Via taking place, this past weekend was a great one for cycling in the High Country. Bikes were all over the place.

This was also evident at Rocky Knob Park, where the parking lots were packed. Whatever the combination of events that have helped bring people to the park, one thing is certain, Rocky Knob is on the Map.

It has been mentioned before, and with the opening of the skills areas and new trail in May, the past few months have shown us that RKP is quickly becoming hallowed ground. Rocky Knob Park has been featured in several mountain bike magazines and in February, Velo Magazine gave Rocky Knob a full spread and considered Boone, NC a Top Destination for cycling.

Saturday, we had a group of 11 riders in town to from Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC). Based out of the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel-Hill area. TORC is a group that not only rides trails, but also builds and maintains them.  They had a great time sampling the goods at Rocky Knob. TORC Ride Director David Houskeeper said: “Stellar park: lots of elevation, lots of rock, beautiful topography, skills for a huge range of riders and all sustainable…can’t wait to visit again.”

Craig Bierly and the Pepins, Rocky Knob Park.

Craig Bierly of Mountain Biking the States also stopped by the park recently.  You may recognize that Craig has been featured in Mountain Bike Magazine, and he has logged mountain bike rides in all of the lower 48. Craig spent a good part of Sunday at Rocky Knob and shared the following thoughts in his praise for Rocky Knob: “Congrats on the local community in getting behind building a sustainable and challenging trail system. Congrats to the trail builders and volunteers for making a dream come true.” To read more about him, take a look at his blog.


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