Rocky Knob Video featuring the new Skills Areas.

Check out Tommy Penick’s video highlighting the new Skills Areas. Thanks to all who helped with this project. Good luck in Tahoe, Tommy!

We will be working this week on the upper mountain. Come on out on Thursday at 5:30. We’ll meet at the trailer and then mobilize to work higher on the mountain to finish work Benchmark trails roughed in for us. Deno and crew have completed their work and we just need a little hand finishing to open 2 more loops including the trail to the summit. Hope to see you on the trail.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Knob Video featuring the new Skills Areas.

  1. Hey Guys, heading your way at the end of the month. Think the uppers will be ready or just have to wait another time? I’m going to email the Boone area bike club with more specifics on when we will get there. Interested in checking out the build techniques to use for our area.

    • We are picking away at getting the next loop open (above Boat Rock). It is possible that this will be open by the end of the month. Even without that loop open, it is easy to spend 2 hours at Rocky Knob now without repeating trails.

  2. Great video Tommy! The trail looks incredible… wish I felt a little younger so I could get out there and check it out for real 😉 You guys did an amazing job… and totally needed in Boone. Thanks for working so hard to improve our outdoor adventure activities in these beautiful mountains.

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