Working Hard to Bring You More Fun: Skills Area 4

The beginning of Skills Area 4 aka the Moto Mike Skillz Area

Last night almost 40 volunteers helped hand finish the skills areas. These helping hands made light work of finishing new trails. We will be working this weekend on Saturday from 1-5 and Sunday from 10-1.

Work wraps up today with all of the new skills areas. The latest addition includes a pump-track style area with a few low log rides and rock gardens. This area is located on Rocky Branch Trail in the second power line break.

Landscape Arch: a 50 foot long, 3 foot high, and 12 inch wide feature in "The Promised Land."

This area completes Trail Dynamics work at Rocky Knob for the moment. The new additions will provide more high quality experiences designed for riders to develop their skills. None of the new areas, trails, or features are signed or marked yet. The features range from easy to expert only. For this reason we are asking everyone to stay off all the trails and features. We are aiming for an opening of these trails for Rocky Knob Fest on April 28. With all of this going on, it’s easy to forget about the rest of the mountain. But don’t forget: there is much more to come. We are aiming to open the next loop soon. Stay tuned for more updates about North Carolina’s premier Mountain Bike Park.

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