Dirty Thursday 4/12

Today’s your chance for a preview of what’s happening in the skills areas at Rocky Knob. Tonight at 5:30 we will be working in the main skills area and the newest (number 4) area. Work teams will leave the parking lot shortly after 5:30. Feel free to come out before then. If you are heading out to work before 5:30 head to the saddle and follow signs in to the work zone. We have the tools on site. Just bring yourself in proper work clothes. Also please remember the new trails are not open. They look inviting but will remain closed. Please respect the building process.

Clockwise from left: creating the exit to the 5 Chili Pepper line in the main skills area. Top right: the exit trail to the Roman Road: a masterpiece of stone. Bottom right: the end of the 25 foot long skinny to the boulder drop.

Also: we will be working this Saturday, April 14 from 1-5 and Sunday, April 15 from 10-1.

See you on the trail.

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