First Day of Spring, Boone in Velo News, and the First Dirty Thursday of 2012

Happy Spring! The year without a winter (in Boone) marches on to deliver prime riding at Rocky Knob. The trails are beginning to regain their hardpack flow after an exceptionally wet spell.

The word of Boone’s great roads and trails have caught the national media eye again. The folks over at Velo News have featured Boone and Rocky Knob as one of the top US riding areas. Stop by a local shop to pick up the rag.

We will resume Dirty Thursdays starting this Thursday, March 22 at 5:30 PM. Come on out to help buff the trails and learn first-hand about the exciting plans for the spring: The “Boat Rock” loop and the skills area(s) will be completed soon (with your help). Stay tuned here for updates on special work days in the near future.

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