For Real


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Every time I’m at Rocky Knob, I meet someone new. It’s been good to see people riding the trails and even digging bikes out of the garage to experience the Knob. Yesterday I met a rider who came out to “see if the Knob was a myth or for real.” As he found out, it is real and it is “whoa, that was awesome.”

The trails are in great shape and getting better with traffic. Please note that the newest trail (The Lower Knob) is more technical than the Rocky Branch Trail but the effort is repaid in full.  There are tricky climbs, two genuine rock gardens, two great berms, and a three pack of table tops. Be sure to check your speed when exciting the first left berm on The Lower Knob downhill section. The new three pack of tables begins shortly after the exit of this berm.

This week we are marking 1 year of “Dirty Thursdays.” When we started last August, it was all work. Fun work, but still work. Now, we ride in to our work area, dig some, make some trail right, and then test it out. Come on out and help us shape our future.

Enjoy the slide show above. It is a sneak-peak of some of the riding and shooting we’ve worked on recently. More to follow.

See you on the trail.

2 thoughts on “For Real

  1. Thank you for all the hard work guys! I haven’t mountain biked in more than 10 years. I bought a 29er today and took 2 laps on the Rocky Branch loop…SO much fun. Now I need to show up and help dig!

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