Bikes Belong

Last year, Boulder, CO based Bikes Belong, an organization devoted to putting more people on bikes more often, awarded Rocky Knob Park a $5000 grant. Bikes Belong recognized the importance of legal mountain bike trails in the Boone community and their grant helped leverage additional funds that led to the creation of the park.

This past week, Watauga County’s Outdoor Recreation Planner Eric Woolridge presented Bikes Belong with a plaque of appreciation from Rocky Knob Park. Without organizations like Bikes Belong, fewer bike opportunities would exist around the country. Thank you!

One thought on “Bikes Belong

  1. right on!

    I have been riding the completed section and hiking up to checkout the newer sections. I have seen Grouse, Deer, Pileated, 100 types of flora and fauna. At first I was selfishly interested in that it is an excellent mountain bike trail. Then I began to realize it is an excellent green-way and habitat, as well, an opportunity for Local mountain folk to get together and say “this is what I believe in, this is what I want my kids to inherit”



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