Summer at Rocky Knob

When we designed the Rocky Branch Trail, we knew we wanted a flowy and fun trail that would provide advanced-beginner and intermediate riders a great experience. We had no idea that the trail would be so fun. The climb is challenging but the reward is sure to put a smile on your face. Riders are finding the flow on the downhill and unlocking jumps, doubles, and small step-ups.

If you like the Rocky Branch Trail, you will love the soon-to-open Lower Knob Trail. It climbs at a moderate pace to the top of the Lower Knob and gives riders a few views of our surrounding mountains. The downhill skirts a lush cove featuring a couple of rock gardens, then picks up speed with several jumps, a fantastic berm and then provides a long, technical section we’re calling the Roman Road. The trail then enters a gigantic question-mark shaped berm that, once you figure out the line, will make you want to do it over and over. Another rocky section delivers you back to the Rocky Branch Trail at the top of the downhill. All of this fun will be open very soon.

The Upper Knob trail system (yes, system: numerous options will be available on the top of the mountain) has been roughed-in. Deno and Shrimper burned the midnight diesel and punched through last week. Deno will construct several wooden structures through memorable rocky sections and around cliff bands.

On Saturday, July 9th we will host another workday. We will be working to finish the climb to the top of Rocky Knob. This is a chance to help complete more trail and to preview the incredible terrain on the top of the mountain. Please come on out. Bring your bikes. We will even provide some refreshments after work and before a ride.

Dirty Thursdays continue. Join us at 5:30 each Thursday for some dirty work.

We are fortunate to have Rocky Knob in our backyard. A big thank you goes out to everyone who volunteers at the park. We could not have this park without you. THANKS!

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