The Emerald Outback: Beech Mountain Trails Work Day

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Mountain biking on Beech Mountain defies comparison. Trails meander through a beautifully stunted forest of twisted birch and beech trees above 5000 feet. Unlike the dense forests of Pisgah, the woods are open and covered with grass and fern. The stunning views require attention: the Northern Peaks come into view on one side as do the Roan Highlands on the other. The trails are an old school mix of twisty, turny, rooty singletrack that climb and descend constantly. If you learned to mountain bike in the late 80s and early 90s, you’ll feel like you are coming home. If you are new school, then this style will quickly add to you skill base. Perhaps most interestingly, the trails leave from town and  take you into the remote Outback. This area is worth a visit.

The area also needs our help. Many of the trails are old and do not follow modern standards for sustainability. To help put some energy into the amazing potential and to assist with sustainability issues, the BAC will host a Beech Trail Day on May 21. Additionally, we are beginning discussions on a trail master plan for the mountain.

The trails on the Emerald Outback are not the only bike news on the mountain: this summer, work will begin at Ski Beech for the US National Gravity Finals. This should be an exciting event with at least one local digging the DH.

Stayed tuned for info on our work day at Beech. Until then, check out maps.

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