Phase II: Digging it

Deno works with volunteers to hand finish a section of the Phase II trail.

Digging on Phase II began this week. Deno crawled his mini-ex to the top of the Upper Knob to begin work on the 5 mile loop. If you have not been on the Upper Knob, come on out this Thursday for some corridor clearing up top and to check out the amazing top of the mountain.

3 thoughts on “Phase II: Digging it

  1. Yeah, the Upper Knob terrain blew me away after just seeing it for the first time. The trail that winds around the “Boat Rock” area is going to be some unique and beautiful riding through all the mossy rocks. That area is going to be a challenge to build as I think there’s more rock than dirt up there. Rocky Knob will always live up to its namesake!

    • Can you tell me what trails will be open to the public come the weekend of May 19/20? We have a large group of bikers coming up that weekend. Please reference the trail map in your repy in that I’m not intimately familiar with the trails and that’s all that I have as a reference. I’d love to see an updated open trails map posted on this website. You guys are moving so fast it seems as though you’re opening new sections each month. Thanks!

      • The trails are open in order that you would come to them from the trail head. Rocky Branch and Middle Earth are open. The Boat Rock Loop (the next trail you would reach from Middle Earth) will open on 4/28. The trails above that will later this summer. The skills areas (all reached from open trails) will be open on 4/28. Enjoy your visit.

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